The art of Handmade embroidery:

Embroidery is very common in our life whether it’s a handmade or machine made. However when shirt or clothe features a fancy look ,when base ball has unique logo and when the sweater is designed in such a way that its gives stunning look then all is done with the help of embroidery. Unique design with beautiful look is usually possible with the machine but it could be made even with the art of hand. There are plenty of techniques to do embroidery with hands and people have been involved in handmade embroidery art from centuries in the age of ancient Egypt. Many embroidery Methods were used to decorate the hems of royal robes, in ladies clothes during the colonial and Victorian era, in tapestries in the middle age and continued as art form and still people are doing it.

Cross stitch is very popular among the people and its cousin to hand embroidery. Orthodox hand embroidery is also one of the best types of hand art which are used in making unique embroidery designs similar to the ancient times. Handmade embroidery is considered as one of the best art which is done by hand. It is usually a handicraft of decorating the fabrics and others things.


History of Embroidery:

The origin of embroidery can be dated back to about 30000 BC, it is also believed that the hand art work and embroidery works are originate in the orient and the Middle East. Early humankind swiftly found that the stitches which are used to join the animal skins could also be used for the decoration. Sculptures, many recorded histories, painting and vase depicting those inhabitants of different ancient civilizations show that people wearing embroidered cloths. It has been a very famous trend to have marked elaborately embroidered cloths, many religious objects and many house hold item since the late centuries.

Embroidery for the Church:

Embroidery has been done within the churches to express different ancient things from years. You can find best academies which are engaged with the training of orthodox designs hand embroidery. Orthodox theological academy is one of the best academy and many graduates who studied in this academy are very creative in making unique and stunning embroidery designs which give perfect glimpse of ancient history.

Hand Embroidery and counted stitch:

Hand embroidery is somehow different from the machine or software embroidery, different types of stitches are used to get texture and interest. Counted cross stitch is modern way of embroidery, only one stitch is used in counted cross stitch and it mostly relies on the shading texture and different colors. In counted cross stitching modern technique is used to make the design and embroidery unique with striking look. Work is done with the help of graph in counted stitch and printed design is provided as a series of X’s and it helps the artist to stitch the design accordingly. It is usually considered best trick for the beginner if they start the embroidery work with such design which have outlines.