Lica De Guzman – Making Us Proud

Born in Geneva on March 8, 1997 to Filipino migrant workers, Nicanor “Bong” de Guzman and Waonhor “Joy” Pangulima, Lica is the newest singing child sensation to hit the Philippine […]

Born in Geneva on March 8, 1997 to Filipino migrant workers, Nicanor “Bong” de Guzman and Waonhor “Joy” Pangulima, Lica is the newest singing child sensation to hit the Philippine Community in Geneva where there are a lot of homes for rent.

Lica de Guzman started singing at the age of 4. At that early age, she would enjoy singing some animation songs from Walt Disney’s Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Alladin and Mulan. By the time she was 5 years old, she joined the Adelea 2 Music Kids Academy of Geneva under the supervision of Miss Evelyn Fischer. At school, she was often requested to perform a song or two whenever there was an occasion or a festival. Aside from her singing talent, she is also gifted with the ability to dance and act in theatre performances.

In 2004, a breakthrough for Lica soon came when she was invited to perform at the famous annual Carabina Festival in Crans-Celigny as one of the “Caribanakids”. The tiny 7-year old stunned the crowd with her angelic voice that won the hearts of many spectators, including her fellow performers and artists. It was a like a “baptism of fire” for Lica as she was the only child who sang a solo performance.

During her vacation in the Philippines that same year, she took “Sunshine Davao” by storm and again captivated the Davaoeños with her awesome performance. She gave a benefit concert for street children of the Bantay Bata Kids 163 at Gaisano Mall in Davao City on 9 August 2004 which was sponsored by the number one fast-food chain “Jollibee”.

In Davao City, she had a busy schedule as she performed in SBD Jam and Halo-Halo Special, two of the most successful and popular shows in Davao City. She also toured the popular radio stations in the city, singing songs that reached out to the common tao even to the far-flung barrios through their portable transistor radios.

Christmas 2004 became a special and memorable one for Lica. This was because she was selected to join Sonia Grimm, a well-known singer not only in Geneva, but also in Europe, to do back up vocals on her Christmas CD.

In 2005, Lica went on and took voice lessons every Wednesdays and was under the supervision of Miss Christel Pechin. As part of the Philippine Independence Day 2005 string of celebrations in Geneva, Lica performed in the show of Philippine noon time matinee idol Randy Santiago and singer Rachel Alejandro in 10 June. Lica was also part of the 11 June 2005 Philippine Community Independence Day Kermesse at the St Nicolas de Flue Church.

Christmas 2005 was the biggest break for Lica as she was invited to a Televison Suisse Romande (TSR 1) show as one of the guest child singers in the Christmas special presentation of “Les coups de coeur d’Alain Morisod” which was shown last 17 December.

Then, this was quickly followed up by another show on Christmas day where Lica, who they dubbed as “petite perle philippine” was a surprise guest in “Rêves”: A new musical Show for Christmas! This special television programme was a co-production of French-speaking Switzerland Television (TSR) and Foundation Little Dreams (LDF). Other special guests included the young talents of the LDF, Little Dreams Band, the godmothers and godfathers of LDF, Orianne and Phil Collins – founders of LDF – as well as many recognized artists – Lara Fabian, Laura Pausini, Michael Jones, Lorie and Julien Laurence. It was in this show where Orianne Collins announced that Lica was selected as one of the 10 children from throughout the world to become a Little Dream Foundation member.

Last May 19, 2007, she was again invited at the “Les coups de Coeur d’Alain Morisod where she sang “Prendre un enfant par la main” before the Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey.

The year 2007 has been a great year for Lica as she has also been invited to sing at various UN gatherings like the annual United Nations Womens Guild bazaar, Filipino events, and even church activities.

In 2008 Lica worked on new songs for a forthcoming album which was released by Dinemec Records. Lica also recorded a single at Dinemec Studios entitled “Brand New Day” which was also be released in the Philippines (in Tagalog and English). She also did some performances in December 2008 in Manila and in Europe in the spring of 2009.

2010 was definitely Lica’s year. News of her talent spread like wildfire and she performed at the Montreux Jazz at the Parc Vernex with the Little Dreams Foundation Band that year. She likewise joined several concerts with the LDF band in Gland and in other various places like Gstaad and St. Tropez.

Her talent could no longer be ignored as the world learned more about her. In fact, a French documentary about her young life and talent was featured by the  French Channel Direct 8.

She performed with global celebrities like Laura Pausini, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Jermaine Jackson and Mike Rutherford during that momentous concert for the Little Dreams Foundation. Her rendition of the song “Everything I Do” with Bryan Adams and Phil Collins was a hit in Geneva, Switzerland.

She has an upcoming solo benefit concert scheduled July 2nd, 2011 to help move the parish from Petit Seconnex to Saint Nicolas de Flue in support of a bigger Church for the faithful.

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